Sree Rani Sati Overseas Pvt. Ltd. ensures product availability and on-time delivery.

Our sustainable forest resources, state-of-the-art treating facility and high volume production capabilities ensure on-time delivery of orders to customer standards and specifications.

With on-site inventory of various lengths and sizes, quick service can be provided in emergency situations.

Access to self-unloading trucks allows for delivery to distribution yards or job sites at a cost savings to our customers.

Hardwoods normally have broad leaves and come from deciduous or broad-leafed evergreen trees.

The properties of the wood are caused by its structure. Hardwoods have a denser structure, which is the reason they are usually harder and heavier. Their cell walls are strongly lignified: lignin is a hard material used to support plants above the surface. The quantity of lignin is probably the main factor in their hardness.

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The Benefits:

Careful Wood Selection

Sree Rani Sati Overseas Pvt. Ltd. selection process ensures that only trees meeting national standards are harvested. After peeling and drying, an inspector classifies Logs by length and circumference and verifies that the quality meets the National Standards specifications for knots, straightness, spiral grain and other properties.

Species Of Hardwood

Owing to our rich industrial expertise and skills, we Sree Rani Sati Overseas Pvt. Ltd. are renowned as one of the most profound Traders, Exporters and Suppliers of Hardwood timber with a wide range of following Species:

Uses Of Hardwood

Hardwoods are often used to make items that get used a lot because of their density. These items include Furniture, Flooring and Utensils, Musical instruments, Veneers, etc.

They are also used in construction. Hardwoods are also less likely to decay or rot than softwoods. Products made by hardwood joinery are more expensive than that made from softwoods.

Hardwood has very short fibers about 1mm in length and is so also used to make fine paper such as writing paper, tissue, and printing paper.

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